Storage Jars


Storage Jars

Obtineo Storage Jars

Every component of Obtineo is hand-made in the UK by skilled craftsmen, using traditional manufacturing methods. The scooped wooden lids are cut from solid ash, then turned on a lathe. We sand and finish each lid before branding it with our logo.

Obtineo’s felt strip is produced by one of Britain’s few remaining felt factories. The raw material, 100% wool, is transformed using a centuries-old method, then hand cut to size. The result is the high quality, beautiful and natural material that you see on Obtineo.

We’re really excited to be working with a great glassworks – the last of it’s kind in the UK, who can trace their roots back to 1612. Our glass is hand-blown, and is designed to fit neatly into the curved wooden lid.


Small: H: 79mm W: 100mm. Medium: H: 142mm W: 100mm. Large: H: 202mm W: 100mm.


- Ash
- Glass
- 100% Wool Felt
- Silicone